Commissioned by LendLease, curated by Creativemove, Brisbane.

Yarrabilba, Queensland, Australia

Lendlease developed a comprehensive public art strategy for the new Lendlease community of Yarrabilba.  The strategy proposes a sustainable public art program for Yarrabilba's community, to be developed and delivered over a 30 year period.

Microcosm draws our attention to the small seed pods of the Twiggy Myrtle tree found throughout the waterways of Yarrabilba.  These unassuming seed pods remain on the tree and only review their full beauty once they flower and flourish.  

The artwork results in a play-based form that reflect Yarrabilba's layered history and community aspirations for the future.

Microcosm is fabricated from 6mm aluminium, spun and shaped by hand with two-pack paint finish. 

Photos: Stainless Aesthetics